Zig Ziglar Interview: The Power of Gratitude (Part One)

I can think of no better way to start an audio blog that with an interview I did with Zig Ziglar in his office in Dallas in the early fall of 1996. At the time, his book, Over the Top was his most current book. He has written many more since then.

In  this interview, Zig is but weeks away from turning 70 and also celebrating his 50th wedding anniverary with his wife, Jean.

As I mention in the comments leading into this interview, I wanted to interview Zig on a topic about which he has strong conviction: gratitude. This interview was first recorded to audiocassette in a series of training audios entitled “Windshield Workshops.” Later, I included this interview in two parts in a couple of early issues of the ODD Management Digest. Don’t worry about my final comment on this recording; you won’t have to wait a month to get Part Two. –JDS

To listen, use the player below. To access the file, CLICK HERE



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