Zig Ziglar Interview: The Power of Gratitude (Part Two)

This is the conclusion of the 1996 interview Dr. Sutton did with Zig Ziglar at his office in Dallas, Texas. Again, this recording was originally on cassette tape, and it had deteriorated some due to heat and age. Zig, however, is refreshing in his candid insights into what he values and strives for everyday.

The Zig Ziglar story, of course, is still playing. He did retire from speaking in 2010, due primarily to injuries sustained from a serious fall down a flight of stairs in 2007. He willl turn 85 in November of 2011, and looks great. As Zig shares it, he and his wife of 65 years, Jean, are more in love today than ever.

Zig’s son, Tom, is now the CEO of Ziglar, Inc. (that’s Tom in the photo with Dad). Zig is quick to recognize Tom’s vision and leadership for the company, which is now officed in Plano, Texas. Tom’s sisters, Julie and Cindy, are also active in the company. (The oldest sister, Susan, passes away from chronic health issues in 1995.) The future is is good hands. For more on the company, go to www.Ziglar.com.

To listen, use the player below. To access the file, CLICK HERE



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