Adults with ODD (Guest: Dr. James Sutton)

This is the audio from a video that had been posted to YouTube. For a post of its type, it has received a lot of views (well over 5,000 as of October 29, 2011). That posting, the video, was inspired by the traffic and comments to a similar posting Dr. Sutton put on his blog, It’s About Them.

There are two things to note about this posting. First of all, there really is no such thing as adult ODD; it’s a diagnosis of childhood only. When people speak of ODD behavior in adults, however, they generally are clear on what they mean. This posting address those adult behaviors, the effects of those behaviors, and insights into treatment. Second, there is a reference on the audio to resources being put on the screen as the video continues. Obviously, this cannot be done on an audio only post. For more information, the listener is encouraged to watch the video on YouTube. Length of this audio post: 10:05.

To listen, use the player below. To access the file, CLICK HERE

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