Prescriptions for Healing Conflict (Mari Frank interviews Dr. James Sutton)

Communication can be a problem in today’s fast-paced world. When problems of communication begin to wear on the parent-child or teacher-student relationship, serious trouble isn’t far away.

In this program, child and adolescent psychologist, Dr. James Sutton, is interviewed by Mari Frank, host of the west coast radio show, “Prescriptions for Healing Conflict.” Mari is an attorney specializing in mediation, and she’s the author of several books. She is also a law professor of negotiations and mediation at the University of California at Irvine.

In this interview, aired February 6, 2012 from the KUCI studios at the university, Mari and Jim discuss issues of communication in families, including some ways it effectively can be enhanced to the benefit of everyone. Mari also encourges Jim to share some of the finer points of something covered in his newest book, The Changing Behavior Book. It’s a ten-step process parents and teachers can use to resolve conflict with a child or teen. (27:30)

More information about The Changing Behavior Book, as well as a number of free resources, can be accessed through Dr. Sutton’s website:

To listen, use the player below or left-click the link. To access the file right-click and “Save Target as …” to save to your audio device), CLICK HERE FOR LINK

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