Addressing Difficult and Defiant Behavior (Guest: Rich Korb)

Solutions can seem nonexistent as we encounter especially difficult behavior in a young person. One thing is very certain, however: It’s not that difficult to make it WORSE! What seems to matter the most in managing and redirecting inappropriate behavior at home and school, and how do we approach a plan for improvement?

Fortunately, our guest today, Rich Korb, is an expert on this important topic. In fact, he’s developed quite a reputation as “The Behavior Answer Man.” In his 34 years as an educator (teacher and administrator), Rich has worked with many kinds of difficult and at-risk behavior. His solutions uphold the dignity of a youngster as they point to better ways to act and relate with others.

Rich is a sought-after consultant and presenter on the subject of difficult and defiant behavior, and he’s an adjunct faculty member for Seattle Pacific University and Broadman University and Chapman University System. He’s the author of Motivating Defiant and Disruptive Students to Learn: Practical Classroom Management Strategies, a top-shelf resource for educators. (25:47)

(Note: In this program, Rich offers his “3+6=1 Behavior Changing Formula.” Contact Rich ( to get a copy of it.)

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