Helping Kids Make Better Choices (Guest: Christy Ziglar)

CZiglar-8 It’s been said that, at any given moment in our lives, we are the sum total of the choices we have made. For a child or an adult, those choices have a way of accumulating into success or heartache.

So EVERY choice matters, be it what we eat, the effort we show at school, how we treat ourselves and others, or how we manage responsibility. Often, it’s not the “bad” versus “good” choices that cause us difficulty; it’s the “good” versus “better” or “best.” Those choices accumulate, also.

Willow coverOur guest today on this program, Christy Ziglar, niece of America’s Master Motivator, the late Zig Ziglar, experienced first-hand how adults and children struggled with choices, choices that had substantial impact upon their lives. Banking on her skills in finance and money management, and the collected wisdom of her uncle Zig, Christy developed the Shine Bright Kids,  a series of children’s books. All of them address key lessons in life.

Christy’s first book in the series is Can’t Wait Willow; it’s about making better choices, the topic of this program. Christy is also an experienced Certified Financial Planner, a wife, and the mother young twins. (27:50)

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