Cody Jane: Able, and Then Some! (Guest: Marly Cornell)

Cody Jane was not a teacher by profession, but she taught us plenty. She taught us that life is a gift, and that we are placed on this planet to use that gift joyfully and completely.

Paralyzed from the waist down due to spina bifida and the ongoing surgeries and medical issues associated with the condition, Cody valued and tirelessly worked toward the sort of independence most of us take for granted. All who knew her were touched by Cody’s courage and drive, her ability to inspire others and, of course, her unsinkable sense of humor. She caused us to focus not on limitations, but on possibilities.

This is Cody’s story. More than that, it is her message. Our special guest on this program is Cody’s mother, Marly Cornell. Marly is an award-winning author, an artist and a social justice advocate living in the Minneapolis area. She’s the author of The Able Life of Cody Jane; Still Celebrating. (26:55)

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