Safe, Responsible Dating for Teens & Their Parents (Guest: Mike Domitrz)


BTRadioIntWe reached back into the archives for this great and oh-so-timely interview with Mike.

Dating for the first time (or ANY time) can be exciting for a young person, but it can also be a little scary. Dating poses questions and concerns for parents as well. Safe and responsible dating is a major priority for teens and their families. Our guest on this program will help us with those questions and concerns.

Mike Domitrz, founder of the Date Safe Project, is the hands-down expert on dating and sexual decision-making. Each year, Mike speaks to over 30,000 teens, parents and teachers internationally on this most important topic. The Changing Behavior Network is pleased to offer this informative and attention-grabbing interview with Mike.

Mike’s passion is to share key skills and insights for helping teens make smarter and safer choices when it comes to issues of dating and intimacy. He is the author of the best-selling book for teens and parents, May I Kiss you? and he’s the host of the award-winning DVD, HELP! My Teen is Dating.

Mike’s excellent website is definitely worth a visit. (Complete information about the Date Safe Project is on this site under the “About” link.) Here’s the site: (25:12)


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