How to Be a Great Dad: No Matter What Kind of Father You Had (Guest: Keith Zafren)

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KZafrenphotoThe overall prognosis for children and teens without a father in the home is not good. From teen pregnancy to school and behavioral problems to youth suicide, the statistics point to a simple truth that active dads matter greatly in the lives of their children.

But a father in the home doesn’t always mean that relationships are as they should be. According to our guest on this program, Keith Zafren, founder of The Great Dads Project, fathers often share feelings of inadequacy and feel they will mess up, ultimately failing both themselves and their children.

Sharing from his own life’s story, as well as the story of men he has helped, including incarcerated fathers, Keith offers a profound message of hope. And it’s not complicated. It simply involves the faithful practice of three “As” of a father to his children: Affirmation, Acceptance and Affection. Keith will not only share about these “As” in this program, he will point out the impact they can have on young lives.

KZafrenBookKeith and Dr. Sutton will also touch on a deeper hurt in this program, something Keith calls the “Father Wound” and what is involved in healing it. (In fact, issues of the “Father Wound” are so important they will be the topic of another program on The Changing Behavior Network in the near future.)

Keith Zafren is a Jack Canfield certified Success Skills Trainer and the author of the award-winning book, How to Be a Great Dad: No Matter What Kind of Father You Had. Through his years of work as a pastor, as a founding board member and fatherhood trainer for the Prison Entrepreneurship Program, and, as mentioned, the founder of The Great Dads Project, Keith has touched the lives of thousands. (29:20)

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