Revolutionize Your Child’s Life (Guest: Peggy Caruso)


Just catch the news and you will agree: It’s a tough world out there. Our children and our grandchildren will be pressed to navigate circumstances and environments quite different from those of our childhoods.

peggyYes, there are questions. Will they be equal to that challenge, or will they have doubts regarding their abilities, skills and strengths? What can I do today to help my child better manage his or her present and future, and, in doing so, not simply survive, but thrive. How can I help them grow in confidence, work productively with others, and reach out to those in need.

PCarusocoverPeggy Caruso, our guest on this program, has some great insights and suggestions for us today, and they are consistent with the title of her book, Revolutionize Your Child’s Life: A Simple Guide to the Health, Wealth and Welfare of Your Child. She will not only offer ways for us to help our children deal with the negative forces and influences they encounter daily, Peggy will also discuss how we can help our children develop powerful, marketable skills of what she calls “Kid-Preneurship.” It’s a great concept, and it can put any child or teen out in front with the sort of faith, intuition and vision that accompanies success in work and life.

In addition to being an author of several books, Peggy is an Executive and Personal Development Coach, eight-time entrepreneur, NLP Master Practitioner and Hypnotherapist with 22 years of experience. She’s also the founder of Life Coaching and Beyond, LLC. (27:32)

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