Your Child’s First Job … with a Boss! (Guest: Joe Sabah)

BTRadioIntDo you remember asking for your first job? Were you nervous? Probably; and perhaps scared of being rejected even before you got your words out.

JSabahphotoThat first job for you, and the first job for your son, daughter or grandchild, is a rite of passage, much like getting that driver’s license or making it through that first date. There can be anxious moments, but it’s all part of growing up.

This program features Joe Sabah, professional speaker, trainer and author. He will help you equip your child with a rock-solid advantage when they go for that first job, and it will give them the tools and confidence to get a great job later–one they really want and for top pay and benefits.

JSabahbookIn this program, Joe shares how he helped his son get his dream job right out of high school. From this experience, Joe came up with something that leaves resumes in the dust: the Gold Form. It’s just one of the many tips that have helped thousands of folks get the job the always wanted.

Joe has shared his message and his book, How to Get the Job You Really Want and Get Employers to Call You, on over 700 talk radio shows. The testimonials and Thank-You notes he has received easily would fill another book. Listen in as Joe and Dr. Sutton discuss how these great ideas can work for our kids, also! (27:48)

Joe’s book is now available in downloadable ebook format HERE.

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