A Parent’s Death: A Child’s Grief, Part Two (Guest: Judy Strong)

BTRadioIntThe circle of especially close adults in a youngster’s life is small. A loss in that circle, especially a parent, can be a traumatizing event for any child or teen.

phpiih9e9PMAlthough grieving the loss of a parent or parental figure is a normal process, the process doesn’t always go smoothly for some youngsters. It helps to help.

One in twenty children will lose a parent before their senior year in high school. That figure should grab our attention. What would be some signs that a youngster is struggling in their grief? What can we do with and for a grieving child that would help them achieve closure and healing on such a loss?

A Child's Grief CoverOur guest on this program, Judy Strong, a Certified Grief and Loss Facilitator, knows this topic well and shares not only her insights and expertise, but of her first-hand experience involving her own children.

Judy is an award-winning author and a popular speaker on the topic of loss and healing, and she’s the founder of Survive Strong Resources out of Arizona. She is the author of the books, No Time to Grieve: A Survivor’s Guide to Loss and Healing and A Child’s Grief: Surviving the Death of a Parent. (23:39)


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