Raising Confident, Happy Kids, Part Two (Guest: Jonathan Hewitt)

BTRadioInt-300x75Parents want t0 have happy kids, of course. But descriptions of “happy” can vary widely. Folks like author Dennis Prager (Happiness is a Serious Problem) have been telling us for years how there can be serious issues with how we chase after happiness, and how we try to capture it for our children.

JonathanHewittphotoJonathan Hewitt, our guest on this program, takes another giant step in exposing something that is hurting our kids; he calls it the American Happiness Formula. Here it is: Look Good + Perform Well + Get Approval = Happiness. As a result of dependence on “outside” measures of accomplishment and success, our children are showing more stress, anxiety and depression than ever before. In a refeshingly candid fashion, Jonathan shares from personal experience the harm the American Happiness Formula can create in young people and their families.

Image of Happy KidsFortunately, there is hope, and Jonathan offers plenty of it. His training, extensive research and experience in psychology, martial arts and life education have led to some welcomed answers. In this in-depth, two-part interview, Jonathan outlines a formula for happiness that emphasizes increased focus, confidence, resilience and social intelligence.

Jonathan and his wife, Lana, teach their “growth from within” principles to young people at their Life Ki-do Academy in Austin, Texas. Their success over the years has been remarkable. The Hewitts have now shared with parents what they’ve learned and what they teach. It’s in their new book, Life Ki-do Parenting: Tools to Raise Happy, Confident Kids from the Inside Out. (25:19)


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