Every Vote Matters; Encourage the Power of a Young Person’s Voice (Guest: Judge Tom Jacobs)

BTRadioInt-300x75-300x75In election year 2008, 40 million individuals eligible to vote failed to do so. Four years later, 2012, 90 million voters that could have voted chose not to do so.

Judge Tom JacobsAs the old saying goes, “What’s wrong with this picture?” Why aren’t more people voting? If this is a trend, what might it be costing us? If voting was like the use of a muscle, are we approaching a state of civic atrophy?

And here’s the BIG question: What message are we sending to our young people when we don’t bother to contribute to the ballot box?

These discouraging figures concerned retired Arizona Judge Tom Jacobs and his daughter, Natalie Jacobs. Yes, we should be setting an example for our children, but it ought to be a positive one. Driven by this concern, Judge Tom and Natalie did their research and wrote Every Vote Matters: The Power of Your Voice, from Student Elections to the Supreme Court (Free Spirit Publishing, 2016).

Judge Tom Jacobs, Natalie Jacobs, Every Vote Matters, Free Spirit PublishingIn this informative and encouraging book written for teens and young adults, attorneys Judge Tom and Natalie not only emphasize the importance of voting and related activities of volunteering, they cite many major Supreme Court cases that were decided by … that’s right, ONE vote. Yes, every vote does matter.

Judge Tom Jacobs, Natalie Jacobs, Every Vote Matters, Free Spirit Publishing

Judge Tom is the guest on the program. He’s an advocate for young people, having written a number of books on the law and legal rights as they pertain to teens, and on contemporary issues like cyberbullying. So, please listen in, and pass on Judge Tom’s brand of encouragement to the young people you know. Every vote matters; encourage the power of a young person’s voice.

Judge Tom Jacobs has served as an Arizona Assistant Attorney General, a Superior Court juvenile judge, and a family court judge. Natalie Jacobs, a former criminal defense attorney, works with her father on the teen rights website, AsktheJudge.info, helping teens and their families become better informed about youth rights and laws affecting minors. (27:27)


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BONUS: Judge Tom and Dr. Sutton teamed up to write a short ebook, Bullied to Death, a look at the legal and psychological issues associated with youth suicide as a result of being bullied. This book can be downloaded free, HERE.

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