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Attitude Matters: Never Give Up (Guest: LaDene Mayville)

LaDeneMayvillephotoWhen we’re old enough to realize that the world out there isn’t always kind and safe, we begin to understand that struggle, difficulty and adversity are simply a part of the whole experience we call LIFE.

How we manage difficulty says a lot about us, but how we teach and encourage our children to manage difficulty says the rest. What better gift could a parent give a child or a teacher give a student?

LMayvillecoverOur guest on this program, LaDene Mayville, not only knows this subject well, she believes strongly that the defining characteristic for overcoming difficulty is attitude. “When we encounter challenges and disappointments one after another,” says LaDene, “it’s so easy to give up hope and want to quit. But if we don’t get back on our feet and keep on moving, we may never know the blessings that could be just around the corner.”

Drawing on her experiences as a storytime teacher of kindergarteners in an inner-city school, as well as her desire to encourage others as they navigate difficult circumstances, LaDene authored her first book, Hallie the Harvester Ant: Never Give Up. It’s a children’s book with a message for us all. (27:17)


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